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Crowd Management and University Police Expert Witness | Maryland

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This expert has over 32 years experience in Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS and Public Safety. He has a great deal of experience in Emergency Planning and Emergency Exercises in both University and traditional environments. He works as a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) with ASIS International and through hands on experience with access control systems, alarms and CCTV, which as given him a back ground in physical security and security technology. He is also a nationally recognized expert on emergency management and communication on college campuses. He has been published on topics such as physical security issues and alcohol related issues on university campuses. He has specialties as an expert in Emergency Exercises, Emergency Skills Training, Crime Risk Analysis, Law Enforcement Assessment, and Security Technology Assessment.

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Location: MD BS, Law Enforcement, University of Maryland MS, Applied Management, University of Maryland Certified, Homeland Security Management, University of Maryland Member, Montgomery County Volunteer Fire - Rescue Association Former, Emergency Managment Consultant, MPRI Former, Instructor, Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute Former, Associate, ICF International Former, Specialist for Public Safety, American University Former, Assistant Chief of Police and Assistant Director of Public Safety, University of Maryland Former, Executive Fellow, Federal Bureau of Investigation Police Current, Chief of Police and Director of the Department of Public Safety, a DC university

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