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Coal Mining Expert Witness | Missouri

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This qualified expert has over 40 years of experience in planing and developing mining operations. He holds a B.S. in Mining Engineering from West Virginia University and is certified as a Safety and MHSA Instructor. Registered as a Professional Engineer in 25 states, he has worked on projects across the U.S. including projects in South America and Kuwait. Altogether, his experience amounts to nearly $2 billion dollars worth of construction projects. He currently works as Senior Consultant at an engineering consulting firm where he also handles safety and MSHA training.

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Location: Missouri
B.S., Mining Engineering, West Virginia University
Certified: Registered Professional Engineer in 25 States
Safety/MSHA Instructor, Mine Manager, Mine Examiner, Foreman
Former, Manager of Engineering, Consol
Former, Project Manager - PENTA Engineering - Design/Builds in cement, lime, coal, salts, grain, and specialty materials
Present, Senior Consultant, engineering consulting firm specializing in minerals industries

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