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Civil Engineering, Land Surveying and Storm water Compliance Expert Witness | California

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This expert is licensed as a Civil Engineer and a Land Surveyor in both California and Arizona, and he has worked throughout Southern California. Having earned his degrees in engineering and business from California State University at Northridge, he previously served as the Director of Engineering and Surveying at multiple engineering firms, including the Haaland Group and Crosby Mead Benton. A member of the California Land Surveyors Association and the American Public Works Association, he is currently the Principal of a multi-disciplined firm in California.

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Location: CA
BA, Civil Engineering, California State University at Northridge
MBA, California State University at Northridge
Registered, Civil Engineer - CA, AZ
Registered, Professional Land Surveyor - CA, AZ
Certified QSD/P and QISP - California
Acting City Surveyor - City of in California
Technical Expert Consultant to the State of California Board of Professional Engineers Land Surveyors and Geologists
Member, American Public Works Association
Member, California Land Surveyors Association
Director of Engineering and Surveying, Consulting Firms
Former, City Engineer and Surveyor, multiple So. Calif. Cities

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