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Child Care Expert Witness | California

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This highly-qualified expert is a licensed family child care provider with 30 years of experience. She has completed various courses and workshops through Community Care Licensing, the Orange County Department of Health, the Crystal Stairs Food Program, and the La Habra Food Program. Through her training and professional experience, she has gained an extensive background in Title 22 Regulations and safe sleep practices that regulate family child care facilities. She is active in her field as a member of the Orange County Child Care Association. She formerly served as a liaison for the California Department of Social Services Family Child Care Committee. Currently, this expert is the president of a California county child care association and has been the owner of a day care facility in California for 30 years.

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Location: CA
Licensed, Family Child Care Provider
Member, Orange County Child Care Association
Former, Liasion, Department of Social Services Family Child Care Committee
Current, President, a CA county child care association
Current, Owner, a day care facility in CA

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