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Cell Phone Investigation Expert Witness | Arizona

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This expert has over 20 years of experience in the field of digital forensics. She attended the Arizona Law Enforcement Academy, and served the Phoenix Police Department as a Digital Mobile Forensic Detective. While working there, she worked in several different units, including the Home Invasion Kidnapping Enforcement Unit, the Intelligence Action Center, and the Digital Forensic Investigation Unit. She has participated in many trainings and classes, earning her several certifications on different areas of digital forensics. She currently serves as a Cell Phone & Cell Tower Forensic Investigator at a Private Forensics Firm in Arizona.

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Location: AZ Law Enforcement Academy, Arizona Former, Patrol Division-Maryvale Precinct Squads Former, Family Investigations Unit-Domestic Violence Unit, Phoenix Police Department Former, Violent Crimes Bureau, Robbery Unit, Phoenix Police Department Former, Home Invasion Kidnapping Enforcement Unit, Phoenix Police Department Former, Homeland Defense Bureau, Intelligence Action Center, Phoenix Police Department Former, Strategic Information Bureau, Digital Forensic Investigation, Phoenix Police Department Current, Cell Phone & Cell Tower Investigation Consultant, a Forensics Firm in Arizona

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