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Bar & Nightclub Security & Management Expert Witness | Missouri

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This expert has developed and launched a sales, safety, and security program aimed at improving the hospitality community in the United States. He consults for a number of companies, including a successful hospitality group that he helped build. He started his career with Bar Management Group out of Charlotte, NC, operating a high volume bar and nightclub in St. Louis. He has built and developed a variety of sports bars, nightclubs and exclusive venues in St. Louis. He has spent his career building sales and nightlife, organizing MMA/kickboxing fights and events, filmed a TV show that's currently being pitched, refining marketing strategies, and producing a variety of entertainment.

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Location: St. Louis, MO
Pre-Architecture St. Louis Community College
Business & Marketing, University of Missouri, Columbia
Political Science, University of Missouri, St. Louis
Former, staff, then to Sales Manager, & General Manager, Bar St. Louis with Bar Management Group (East Coast , 100+ venues)
Former, Event Coordinator, nightlife, kickboxing, and MMA
Former, Bartender, Morgan St Brewery
Former, Bartender / Sales Consultant, Fusion Nightclub
Former, Partner Lounge Concepts, group owned, currently owns, or has managed multiple high-energy bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and event spaces over the past decade including: The Pepper Lounge, Nectar, Mandarin, Lumen, MIST, El Borracho, The Outfield at Mike Shannon's, and Circle 7 Ranch. Now in-house consultant for the company he helped build.
Current, Co-founder, Potential TV show
Current, Owner, a branding / marketing strategy company for United States Mixed Martial Arts Federation
Current, Founder, Sales, Safety, and Security program .
Current, President, Legal Consulting Firm

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