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Bankruptcy and Commercial Law Expert Witness | Georgia

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This expert practiced bankruptcy and commercial law for 18 years between careers in academia. After his initial years of professional practice, he accepted a tenured position at Widener Law School in Delaware. He was appointed to the US Department of Justice by Ronald Reagan. He then returned to private practice. He limited his practice to Chapter 11s including service as conflicts counsel involving major related bankruptcies. His publications deal with topics related to bankruptcy, civil rights, and constitutional law. Over the course of his career, he has also participated in several US Supreme Court amicus briefs dealing with bankruptcy issues.

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Location: GA
BA, Columbia University
MA, Columbia University
JD, Emory University
Editor, Collier on Bankruptcy 14th Edition
Admitted, State Bar of Georgia and Various Federal Courts
Former, Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights, US DOJ
Former, Associate Dean, Delaware Law School of Widener University Attorney - Chapter 11 Reorganizations.
Former Dean of John Marshall Law School, Atlanta, GA
Current, Professor of Law.

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