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Audio & Video Forensics Expert Witness | Michigan

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This highly qualified expert has been working in video and audio forensics for over 35 years. After earning his BA in communications with a minor in criminal justice, this expert worked as a probation officer for the city of Troy, Michigan. He then began work as an audio engineer and investigator at Ambience Recording Studio where he began consultancy work with the FBI, local police departments, and other governmental entities. As a certified forensic consultant and registered investigator, this expert is now the CEO, president, and lead consultant at an audio and video forensic consultancy in Michigan. He has extensive experience working on both criminal and civil cases by enhancing video and audio files for a variety of applications. He is a member of several associations and committees in the field of audio and video forensics and remains active in the educational field by attending and speaking at conferences, teaching courses, and attending continuing education opportunities.

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Location: MI
BA, Communications, University of Detroit
Member, Association for Information Science and Technology
Member, American Board of Recorded Evidence
Member, TASA Audio and Video Identification Restoration and Authentication
Member, International Association for Identification
Member, Audio Engineering Society
Member, American College of Forensic Examiners and Investigators
Certified, Forensic Consultant
Certified, Registered Investigator, ACFEI
Former, Probation Officer, Troy Michigan
Former, Audio Engineer, Ambience Recording Studio
Former, Independent Consultant, Audio and Video Forensic Consultants
Former, Research and Development, Body Cameras, VIEVU
Current, CEO, an independent audio and video forensic consultancy
Current, Lead Consultant, an audio and video forensic consultancy

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