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This data analytics expert earned his BS in Economics/Statistics from the University of North Dakota and his Master's Degree in Applied Statistics from The Ohio State University. He is a former senior quantitative analyst at Mattel, where he worked on digital channel analytics covering paid search, display advertising, and website visitation. As an instructor of Database Marketing Analytics at Rocky Mountain Direct Marketing Association, he taught marketers the principles of audience segmentation, marketing effectiveness measurement, and concepts like lifetime value and a/b testing. He then moved on to serve as the Director of Analytics at Data Logix Inc, where he led audience modeling, digital campaign effectiveness measurement, and digital platform reporting. Their products included syndicated audience segments, on/offline measurement solutions, and some digital media execution. This expert continued his career at Conversant Inc., a tech firm building individual-level profiles of consumers across web browsers, smart phones, and tablets. At Conversant, he managed three analytic groups -- audience lab, analytic development, and media analytics. Since then, this expert has served as Snr Director of Data Science at a large internet technology and solutions company.

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Location, CO

BS, Economics/Statistics, The University of North Dakota
MS, Applied Statistics, The Ohio State University

Former, Lead Researcher, Bureau of Business and Economics Research
Former, Senior Quantitative Analyst, Mattel
Former, Instructor of Database Marketing Analytics, Rocky Mountain DMA
Former, Director of Analytics, Data Logix Inc.
Former, VP of Analytic Operations, Conversant Inc.
Current, Snr Director Data Science, large internet technology and solutions company

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