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This aviation and aerospace expert is one of the leaders in his industry and has extensive experience in flight test, materials and properties laboratories, unmanned aerial systems, engineering operations, Safety Management Systems and quality. This expert started his career as a United State Army pilot and then advanced to several senior positions with the Federal Aviation Administration(FAA). As Manager Rotorcraft Directorate with the FAA, he was responsible for all FAA Experimental Test Flight policy, training, and administration for over 250 companies. He collaborated with industry to lower the number of fatal accidents from 30 to 14 per year over a five-year average. This expert received the Tony LaVier Award from the Society of Experimental Test Pilots for Lifetime Achievement in Flight Safety. He is a member of numerous prestigious organizations in the aviation field. He has authored 9 publications in the field and is a frequently invited guest speaker at major aviation events. This expert was the 2014 commencement speaker at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University where he also earned his BS in Aeronautical Technology. He received his MS in Aerospace Management at the University of Tennessee Space Institute. Currently, he is the President of an independent aviation consulting firm and President of an international safety and risk management company serving the aviation industry.

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Location: TX
BS, Aeronautical Technology, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
MS, Aerospace Management, University of Tennessee Space Institute
Certification, Helicopter and Airplane Experimental Flight Test, US Navy Test Pilot School
Certification, Federal Aviation Administration, Ground Flight Instructor
Government Co-Chair International Helicopter Safety Team, FAA
Member, Army Aviation Association of America
Honor, Tony LaVier Award, Society of Experimental Test Pilots for Lifetime Achievement in Flight Safety
9 publications and 30+ speaking engagements at major aviation events
Former, US Army Helicopter/Airplane Pilot
Former, Chief of Flight Test, Army Engineering Flight Activity, U.S. Army Experimental Test Pilot
Former, Sr. Pilot, Rotary Wing Exchange Officer, Rotary Wing Test Squadron, UK Ministry of Defense
Former, Flight Test Pilot, Boston Aircraft Certification Office, Engine & Propeller Directorate with Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Transportation (FAA/DOT)
Former, Rotorcraft Directorate Manager, FAA/DOT
Former, VP, Systems Engineering, Flight Safety/Accident Investigation and Certification, Bell Helicopter
Present, President at independent consulting firm specializing in aviation, training, and civil certification issues

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