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Above Ground Storage Tanks and API Inspections Expert Witness | Oklahoma

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This oil and gas expert has worked in the industry for 28 years. After earning his BS in mechanical engineering at the University of Minnesota, he became a certified professional engineer in the states of CA, KS, LA, OK, and TX. He served as a design engineer for SPEC Services, a senior project engineer for Unocal 76 Products Company, a director for Conoco Pipe Line Company, a senior engineer for Baker Consulting Group, and as vice president of pipeline operations at JP Energy Partners. He is also a member of prestigious societies as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and is a member of the Subcommittee on Aboveground Storage Tanks with the American Petroleum Institute. Currently, this expert is the owner of an OK independent engineering consulting firm.

Bio Snapshot

Location: OK
BS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota
Licensed, Professional Engineer
Member, Subcommittee on Aboveground Storage Tanks, American Petroleum Institute
Member, American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Former, Thermodynamics Group Engineer, General Dynamics
Former, Design Engineer, SPEC Services
Former, Senior Project Engineer, Unocal 76 Products Company
Former, Senior Pipeline Engineer, Tosco Distribution Company
Former, Director, Conoco Pipe Line Company
Former, Director, Equipment Integrity, ConocoPhillips Pipe Line Company
Former, Senior Engineer, Baker Consulting Group, Inc.
Former, Vice President, Pipeline Operations, JP Energy Partners
Former, Vice President, Engineering, JP Energy Partners
Current, Owner, an independent engineering consulting firm

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