Expert Witnesses: Battle of the Sexes

Expert Witnesses: battle of the sexesEver wondered about the differences between men and women in the world of expert witnesses? As a follow up to our popular Expert Witness Fees infographic, we have used our industry leading expert witness fees data to illustrate the influence that gender can have in dollars and cents for an expert. So what have we found out? Specialty area might make all the difference, but expert witness work is definitely dominated by men.

Like our Expert Witness Fees infographic, the information presented below is drawn from expert witness fee schedules in over 200 different specialty areas. It represents experts from all 50 states. All of the data represents real experts who have been retained by clients of The Expert Institute. This ensures that the information is some of the most accurate and reliable available.


About The Author

Joe is an Associate Director of Marketing at The Expert Institute. His experience before joining The Expert Institute includes positions in online journalism, medical device marketing, and nonprofit communications.