Expert Witness: E-113336
This expert has extensive experience and education on dog training and behavior having authored over five well received publications. She earned an Associate Degree in Administration of Justice at Santa Rosa Junior College. She worked for the Marin Humane Society in California for over 20 years, enforcing animal protection and control laws. She served as a president of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, and a member of the Mid-Atlantic Association of Positive ...
Expert Witness: E-008843
This highly qualified expert is a service and therapy dog consultant. She has been trained and remains current on any changes to the various laws in dog safety and service dog law for over 20 years. She has also played a part in updating Homeland Security/FEMA guidelines in relationship to service dogs and shelters. Some laws that this expert is well versed on include the Americans with Disabilities Act, Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment Act 2008, Air Carrier ...
Expert Witness: E-008818
This expert is highly trained in dog training, behavior, and science. He has trained pets professionally since 1992, h two companies eaach of which focuses on scientici study of canines and dog behavior, and has served as an expert and correspondent on various television programs. This expert has won and has coached numerous dog training and behavior competitions.
Expert Witness: E-035261
This expert's work includes analysis and evaluation of dog bite case histories, temperament testing of involved dogs, review of veterinary records, development of behavioral arguments, provision of supporting documentation and delivery of expert testimony (if needed). He possesses substantial experience in behavior problem prevention and behavior problem solving, aggression and bite predictor analysis, and dog training.


Aggressive Dog Causes Serious Injuries in Church Parking Lot THERAPY DOG Expert Case

Aggressive Dog Causes Serious Injuries in Church Parking Lot

…  case involves a young child who was injured by a large dog in a church parking lot. The child was walking through the parking lot of …  they walked past a field next to the parking lot where a dog was walking with his owner, the dog, which was off its leash at the time, …

Rottweiler Attack Causes Serious Hand Injuries THERAPY DOG Expert Case

Rottweiler Attack Causes Serious Hand Injuries

…  door to his garage he left his car door open, allowing his dogs to escape. The owner failed to have the aggressive dogs on collars or leashes, and also failed to have them muzzled despite prior …

K-9 Unit Attacks Innocent Bystander THERAPY DOG Expert Case

K-9 Unit Attacks Innocent Bystander

…  parking lot towards his vehicle he saw a large aggressive dog and called out for its owners. Upon receiving no reply, he attempted to evade the dog by jumping on top of his vehicle. The dog bit the man’s elbow causing …

Woman Suffers Neck Injuries in Car Crash THERAPY DOG Expert Case

Woman Suffers Neck Injuries in Car Crash

Plaintiff is a 55-year-old woman from Maryland. She was driving her car when a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction made a left turn in front of her at a traffic light. She hit the right side of the other car. Her air bags deployed and she sustained …

Dentist’s Tooth Extraction Procedure Causes Nerve Damage THERAPY DOG Expert Case

This case involves a twenty-four-year-old female patient who presented to her dentist for a routine tooth filling. The patient was not in any pain at the time of the visit but the doctor advised her that she needed to have a root canal procedure performed, …