Expert Witness: E-327440
This highly qualified expert has over twenty years of experience in investigations. He earned his BS in business from California Coast University and is a certified social media investigations expert by the McAfee Institute. This expert is also a certified and licensed private investigator by the California Association of Licensed Investigators and The State of California, respectively. He is a member of the California Association of Licensed Investigators, the National ...
Expert Witness: E-035715
This expert is the founding principal of an intellectual property consulting firm specializing in the management, valuation, and monetization of IP. He is a certified licensing professional (CLP) with over a decade of expertise in intellectual property valuation, profit apportionment and expert witness damages testimony. Additionally, he specializes in analyses for copyright and trademark infringement, publicity rights, social media and Internet infringement, defamation, ...
Expert Witness: E-037565
This former dean of journalism has spend 40+ years in the academic study of mass communication. He earned his BA in Political Science and English from Boston College, thereafter earning an MA and PhD from the University of Iowa, where he began his subsequent career as an academician. He is the author of numerous scholarly publications in the field of journalism, including two acclaimed books regarding libel.
Expert Witness: E-008945
This expert has been working with SEO data for several years, working at various companies to improve their SEO revenue. He has audited over 8,000 websites from Panda to Penguin, worked with Google Analytics on each webpage, and set strategic plans to lead to top SEO revenue.
Expert Witness: E-053260
This highly qualified, board certified, exceptionally published expert earned his bachelor's degree from Georgetown University and his medical degree from the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. This was followed by a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Urologic Oncology at the same institution. This expert then did his internship and residency in Urology at the Johns Hopkins University & Hospital. This expert is a member of numerous medical societies and has ...
Expert Witness: E-049494
This performing artist and scholar of twentieth century American culture served among the first curators of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. He earned his BA in Sociology and Fine Arts from Montclair State University and completed a doctoral degree focused on American Folklore and Ethnomusicology at Indiana University. He has served as a faculty member in the American Studies departments of Penn College, Indiana University, and Radford University, while ...
Expert Witness: E-049618
This expert holds more than twenty years of experience in public relations and related disciplines. Prior to founding his current PR firm, he served as a senior vice president for 5W Public Relations, where he played a key role in the agency's ascension from a start-up to an Inc 5000 company. Prior to working in New York, he led public affairs campaigns in Washington, DC for the Internet Alliance, the Interactive Gaming Council and others.
Expert Witness: E-033471
This expert has deep experience in wills, trusts, estates, and fiduciary administration. This expert’s research focuses on economic and empirical analysis of trusts, estates, and fiduciary administration. His work has been published in leading scholarly journals such as the Yale Law Journal, the Stanford Law Review, the Columbia Law Review, the Journal of Law and Economics, and the Journal of Empirical Legal Studies. He is the lead coauthor of the most popular ...
Expert Witness: E-183510
This expert is currently a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist at a Private Psychology Practice. This expert specializes in all aspects of child custody, including child custody evaluations, parenting plans, parental alienation, mediation, reunification therapy, and domestic violence. She has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, as well as working with the recovery community on addiction and substance abuse.


Software Expert Witness Evaluates Faulty Code For Social Media Site SOCIAL MEDIA Expert Case

…  in Rhode Island and involves the plaintiff, a web based social networking platform, suing the defendant, a computer software …  Additionally, it uses programs for crawling email and social networks and to facilitate trusted connections, manipulate spam filters, and facilitate social media optimization. The main problem in all of this programming, however, is …

Student Cyber Bullies High School Principal SOCIAL MEDIA Expert Case

Student Cyber Bullies High School Principal

This case involves a high-school senior who did not like his school principal. The student decided to play a prank on the principal. The student used his grandmother’s computer to sign on to and created a parody profile of the principal. The  …

School Fires Teacher for Social Media Communication with Students SOCIAL MEDIA Expert Case

This defense case involves the alleged wrongful termination of a teacher. The plaintiff, a teacher at a rural high school, engaged in a class project where she ‘friended’ a number of students from her personal Facebook. Though there was no explicit con …