Expert Witness: E-141909
This expert is a board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon with extensive experience in all facets of facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. His practice is focused on cosmetic and reconstructive rhinoplasty (nose job) and facelift surgery. He performs a large number of Botox and filler injection treatments and trains physicians and nurses throughout the country on the safe and effective use of these products.


Surgeon Allegedly Fails to Acquire Patient Consent for Cosmetic Nose Surgery RHINOPLASTY Expert Case

This case involves a 54-year-old male actor with sleep apnea who had a dermal filler injected into his nasolabial fold. Several months after the procedure, the patient believed he was having an adverse reaction to the dermal filler and visited a plast …

Surgery Proceeds Despite Failure to Fast RHINOPLASTY Expert Case

Surgery Proceeds Despite Failure to Fast

…  a healthy female. She had elected to undergo a cosmetic rhinoplasty from a plastic surgeon. On the day of the procedure, the patient …