Expert Witness: E-119812
This expert has over 2 decades experience in the pest control industry. He is a certified Entomologist and a certified pest control applicator. He is active in his field and is a part of a number of prestigious organizations including the National Pest Management Association and Pennsylvania Pest Management Association. He is currently the President and owner of a pest control firm specializing in bed bug and rodent eradication.
Expert Witness: E-013250
This highly qualified toxicologist earned his PhD in Toxicology at Oregon State University, as well as a BS at the University of Texas and MS in Applied Environmental Sciences at the University of North Texas. He has served on several expert panels with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, National Academies of Science and other scientific agencies and government organizations. He has a strong expertise in risk assessment and the toxicology of pesticides and metals. ...


Farmer Allegedly Contracts Cancer From Prolonged Herbicide Exposure PESTICIDE POISONING Expert Case

This case involves an otherwise healthy farmer who allegedly contracted cancer from prolonged exposure to a chemical herbicide. The farmer worked in a location which relied heavily on the use of chemical herbicides for crop development. After 13 years in t …

Arboretum Named in Toxic Pesticides Lawsuit PESTICIDE POISONING Expert Case

Arboretum Named in Toxic Pesticides Lawsuit

…  for many years, consistently applying numerous toxic pesticides containing glyphosate. He was asked to use products such as Roundup …  shortly thereafter. A medical perspective on the role pesticide exposure may have played in the cancer’s onset and …

Toxicology Expert Witness Discusses Effects of Pesticides PESTICIDE POISONING Expert Case

Toxicology Expert Witness Discusses Effects of Pesticides

…  case involves alleged pesticide/herbicide poisoning of the new residents of a house, resulting in the sickness and birth …  researched and realized that the house had been exposed to pesticides. The family sent the child to live with relatives, temporarily, …