Expert Witness: E-119812
This expert has over 2 decades experience in the pest control industry. He is a certified Entomologist and a certified pest control applicator. He is active in his field and is a part of a number of prestigious organizations including the National Pest Management Association and Pennsylvania Pest Management Association. He is currently the President and owner of a pest control firm specializing in bed bug and rodent eradication.
Expert Witness: E-010046
This expert is a full service home inspection professional. He has extensive experience in pest control, construction consultation, and a host of other home inspection qualifications. He is an accredited presenter and educator to home inspectors through the NJ Home Inspector Advisory Commission and belongs to the NJ Association of Licensed Professional Home Inspectors. He is currently the owner/president of his own private home inspection and construction consultation firm.
Expert Witness: E-082577
This medical toxicologist is a fellow of the American College of Medical Toxicology and an adjunct associate professor of Toxicology at a respected Florida college of public health. In addition to an MD obtained in Mexico, he earned his doctorate in Toxicology from the University of Minnesota, with a Master's degree in Public Health from the University of Texas at Houston. He was a Poison Specialist Certified with the American Association of Poison Control Centers for ...
Expert Witness: E-000316
This expert has over 30 years of experience working in the toxicology and health risk assessment field. He specializes in evaluating potential human health effects of chemical and microbial agent exposures. In particular, he has experience with evaluation of exposures to asbestos, benzene, carbon monoxide, silica, metals, pesticides, solvents, oil and gas fracking chemicals, other petroleum products, and toxic gases. Additionally, he is a Board-Certified Toxicologist as ...


Real Estate Expert Witness Evaluates Impact of Farm Odor on Property Value PEST CONTROL Expert Case

CASE: Powell v. Tosh, 942 F. Supp. 2d 678 (W.D. Ky. 2013) BACKGROUND: Plaintiffs alleged they began suffering from “recurring intolerable noxious odors emanating from the Defendants’ swine waste facilities constituting a nuisance, increasing the prob …

Teenager Killed By Toxic Mold in Apartment PEST CONTROL Expert Case

Teenager Killed By Toxic Mold in Apartment

This case takes place in Iowa and involves a teenage decedent whose death is attributed to exposure to mold, fungi, and other toxic substances present in the living space and common areas of her apartment building. Over the course of approximately 2 years, …

Property Owner Improperly Removes Asbestos PEST CONTROL Expert Case

Property Owner Improperly Removes Asbestos

…  and that the home had numerous structural problems and pest infestations. The property owner consequently began to do a number of …

Plumbing Problems Force Large House to be Rebuilt PEST CONTROL Expert Case

Plumbing Problems Force Large House to be Rebuilt

…  apparent that the house suffered from serious plumbing, pest infestation, and PEX pipe corrosion problems, which could not be fully …