Expert Witness: E-061535
This expert specializes in design, maintenance, construction observation, surveying for design, utility coordination, and design of storm sewers / sanitary sewers / water mains / roadways / parking lots. He brings over 40 years of engineering design and project management experience from positions held in both the public and private sectors. He has worked for a railway company managing track and utility construction/maintenance, for City Government doing infrastructure ...
Expert Witness: E-055442
This expert is a specialist in vehicle incursion accidents. He has led studies on how frequently they occur, their common causes, and the most frequent design or construction failures which lead to them. Has worked to create the largest national database for accidents on private property outside of the insurance industry. For almost twenty years, he has worked closely with people in government, industry, academia, and the commercial property/retail market to ...
Expert Witness: E-015640
This highly qualified expert was formerly the facilities manager for 17 Target stores for 14 years. His responsibilities for total facility and property management included directing and supervising the Building Services Team, and he was responsible for overall store equipment and store safety. His expertise includes team leading, and safety & building code compliance. He is currently serving as the facilities manager for an industry-leading big-box retail store.


Negligent Property Management Blamed for Repeated Trip and Fall Accidents PARKING LOT SAFETY Expert Case

This case involves a walkway outside of a large strip mall that was the site of a number of trip and fall accidents over a period of several years. The issue appeared to stem from the placement of signs on the walkway by tenant shop owners, which left a sm …