Expert Witness: E-059094
This expert has designed and improved over 400 machines for the food, pharmaceutical, electronics, mining, consumer goods and automotive industries. He has led major design projects for Fortune 500 Companies, such as Unilever, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Komatsu, Caterpillar, and Hitachi. He earned his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Mechanical Engineering in Italy, and has gained considerable professional experience in the United States, having recently served as the Chief ...
Expert Witness: E-059103
This expert is an experienced manufacturing engineer with a solid background in 3d modeling, design, layout, and detail for products, tooling fixtures, special machinery, robotics, and conveying systems. He has held numerous senior engineering and design positions throughout his career at firms such as American Conveyor, Adaptive Manufacturing, and ABB Robotics. Currently, he is a lead project engineer at a top engineering firm.


ATM Expert Witnesses Evaluate Incorrect Transaction Records in Theft Case MACHINE AUTOMATION Expert Case

…  the Defendant illegally withdrew funds from an ATM machine that was owned and operated by the city government. The Defendant contended that the machine suffered a malfunction, and that he was not aware that the machine had …

Repair Technician Loses Fingers in Unsafe Equipment MACHINE AUTOMATION Expert Case

Repair Technician Loses Fingers in Unsafe Equipment

This machine automation case involves an equipment repair worker who was seriously injured while performing tests and maintenance on a piece of machinery in a factory that made packaged foods. The repair worker was employed …

Child Loses Toe in Escalator Accident MACHINE AUTOMATION Expert Case

Child Loses Toe in Escalator Accident

A five-year-old child was shopping with her mother in a major department store. While riding the escalator to the third floor, the child’s rubber sandal became entrapped between the moving stairs. The sandal pulled the child’s Hallux (big toe) into …

Escalator for Shopping Carts Injures Woman at Supermarket MACHINE AUTOMATION Expert Case

Escalator for Shopping Carts Injures Woman at Supermarket

This case involves an injury to a woman shopping at a supermarket. The supermarket was two stories and had an automated escalator used to transport shopping carts from one floor to the next. The escalator was only for carts, and an adjacent escalator was  …