Expert Witness: E-050912
This ivy league educated linguistics expert specialists in forensic semantics and forensic stylistics. He has had success in both academia and the professional world as an Assistant Professor of English at Wayne State University and as a speechwriter/director of communications for large corporations such as GM and Kraft Foods. He has published a number of books and articles in the communications and linguistics space.
Expert Witness: E-066670
This highly qualified expert earned his MD from the prestigious Harvard Medical School, he went on to complete a residency in Pediatrics and Neurology at Boston Children's Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital respectively. He completed a fellowship in Vascular Neurology at UCSF and post graduate studies in Cognitive Neuropsychology at Harvard University. He is board certified in Neurology. This expert has published over 10 peer-reviewed articles and has ...


Handwriting Analysis Experts Discuss Allegedly Fraudulent Lease Signatures LINGUISTICS Expert Case

This case involves a countersuit to a lease dispute in South Dakota. The defendants purchased commercial property and began leasing the property to the plaintiff. At this time, the defendant had been renting the property out for $5000/month. Over time the  …