Expert Witness: E-083637
This expert Life Care Planner obtained her AS in Liberal Arts & Sciences and her ADN from Chaffey College and her BSN from Jacksonville University. She completed her training in Life Care Planning at Kelynco in Utah and is a Certified Life Care Planner, Legal Nurse Consultant, Certified Nurse Life Care Planner, and a Registered Nurse. She has 1 Publication and is currently a full time Life Care Planner and part time Educator in Nursing.
Expert Witness: E-000255
This qualified nurse practitioner has assumed such high ranking clinlical administrative appointments as Director of Nursing for several private healthcare networks, and is currently a Certified Adult, Adolescent, and Pediatrics Sexual Assault Nurse in addition to a women's health nurse practitioner. She has both published and given national presentations in her field.
Expert Witness: E-000266
This expert has extensive credentials and training in nursing, nurse life care planning, and medicare consulting. She belongs to the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants, the American Association of Nurse Life Care Planners, and the National Association of Medicare Set-Aside Professionals. She has held numerous nursing positions throughout the mid-west and is currently a nurse life care planner and consultant at a private firm in Indiana.
Expert Witness: E-354543
This nursing expert has over 10 years of professional experience in his field. His expertise includes chemotherapy, telemetry and medical/surgical nursing. He received his AS in nursing from Golden West College and his BS in nursing from the University of Phoenix. He holds numerous professional certifications including advanced cardiac life support, pediatric advanced life support, and he is a certified EKG technician. This expert is a member of various professional ...
Expert Witness: E-342948
This highly qualified pediatric nursing expert earned her BS in nursing and her MS in nursing and community health from University of Kentucky. She is a board certified family nurse practitioner and a licensed ARN/ANRP in the state of Florida. This expert is also a certified legal nurse consultant. She formerly served as a family nurse practitioner for emergency services at Baptist Health Systems and a family nurse practitioner for Baptist Children's Hospital. In ...
Expert Witness: E-309912
This qualified expert earned her ADN from Sincalir Community College and is certified in ACLS, PALS, and BLS. She is a licensed registered nurse in Tennessee and is certified as a professional legal nurse consultant by the National Center for Legal Nurse Consultants. This expert has previously served as a registered nurse house float at Southern Hills Medical Center and as a clinical coordinator for Crossroads Surgery Center. She currently is an emergency room registered ...
Expert Witness: E-225751
This qualified expert witness obtained her associate’s in applied sciences degree in nursing from the Community College of Philidelphia University and is licensed as a registered nurse in both Arizona and Ohio. Formerly, she was the director of nursing of the Occupational Medicine Center of Muskingum County. Currently, she operates her own private practice as a legal nurse consultant and life care planner.
Expert Witness: E-144328
This expert is a certified legal nurse consultant and a registered nurse. She has has many positions as a nurse and now works as a life planner and nurse consultant at three different practices. She is certified as a life care planner and in life accident and health insurance.
Expert Witness: E-065939
This expert has over 40 years' experience as a registered nurse and administrator in various settings including acute care, home care, and long term care. She is proficient in patient assessment, care planning and collaboration with other healthcare providers. She brings extensive experience in developing, reviewing, and implementing policies and procedures to assure facility compliance with state and federal regulations and standards of care. This expert is currently a ...


Nursing Expert Investigates Whether Sexual Encounter Was Consensual LEGAL NURSE CONSULTANT Expert Case

This case involves a male university student who accused another male student of rape. The rape allegedly occurred at an off-campus house during the university’s Homecoming weekend. The defendant contended that the two had been involved in an ongoing relat …

Nurse Practitioner Fails to Diagnose Advanced Thyroid Cancer LEGAL NURSE CONSULTANT Expert Case

Nurse Practitioner Fails to Diagnose Advanced Thyroid Cancer

…  who had been under the care of an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner. He was taking multiple medications to treat his condition, …  face and neck as well as upper shoulder and neck pain. The nurse practitioner treated him with hydrocodone for pain, as well as repeated …

Nursing Home Staff Fails to Respond to Resident’s Heart Attack LEGAL NURSE CONSULTANT Expert Case

…  chest. The patient called out in pain, attempting to get a nurse’s attention. When no one answered her calls, the patient pressed the …  nursing home was short staffed that evening due to several nurses calling in sick. When she was checked on early the next morning, the …

Nursing home expert witness opines on fall prevention protocols for high risk patients LEGAL NURSE CONSULTANT Expert Case

…  fall risk and issued a yellow wrist band by the admitting nurse. The patient fell whilst getting out of bed to use the restroom. The …  bed was left in an abnormally high vertical position by a nurse who was adjusting his bed pan. The patient attempted to get out of bed …

Nursing expert witness discusses fatal fall at assisted living facility LEGAL NURSE CONSULTANT Expert Case

A nursing expert witness opines on a senior care case involving a resident of an assisted living facility who died from head trauma following a fall and lack of medical treatment for several days. This case concerns a seventy-year-old female who was in re …

Hospital Patient With Pneumonia Suffers Cardiac Arrest LEGAL NURSE CONSULTANT Expert Case

Hospital Patient With Pneumonia Suffers Cardiac Arrest

…  was administered intravenously to the patient by a nurse. Later that evening, a new nurse came on duty and did not check on the patient because she had to do …  The patient’s family sued the hospital claiming that the nurse on duty had been negligent in failing to monitor the patient’s …

Patient Dies From Catheter Puncturing Her Heart LEGAL NURSE CONSULTANT Expert Case

Patient Dies From Catheter Puncturing Her Heart

…  This caused the patient to go into cardiac arrest. The nurse on duty was not able to persuade the charge nurse to summon the patient’s doctor until that evening. The patient was …  The patient’s family sued the hospital claiming that the nurses on duty were negligent in not detecting the patient’s deteriorating …