Expert Witness: E-008638
This highly qualified expert is a Certified Rink Administrator and has 12 years of experience taking caring of operations and overseeing the safety and maintenance of ice rinks. Previously, he was the Operations Manager at RDV Sportsplex Ice Den and currently he is the Co-Owner and Vice President of Operations at a popular ice rink in Florida.
Expert Witness: E-000849
This supremely qualified fire origin and cause investigation expert has served as a municipal fire marshal for over 20 years, and is a certified fire investigator who is the proprietor of a private fire investigation and fire/building code consulting firm.
Expert Witness: E-004874
This highly qualified mechanical engineer earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering from City College of New York, his MS in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and his PhD from the University of Connecticut. He has been formally trained in a number of engineering disciplines, including accident investigation and labels/warnings/failure to warn instructions. He belongs to a number of highly prestigious societies in the engineering field, including ...
Expert Witness: E-045323
This expert has 40+ years of experience in drinking water supply, treatment and distribution systems. From 1994 to 2013, he served as the director of one of the largest drinking water utilities in Virginia, supplying water to 400,000 residents. A civil and environmental engineer by training, he has maintained a particular focus on water treatment facilities, water supply systems, water distribution technologies, and water utility operations over the course of his career. ...
Expert Witness: E-006460
This expert has extensive experience with hardwood flooring, including credentials from NOFMA & NWFA. He serves on two NWFA Committees, He also have credentials in carpet inspection, training in woven carpet and rugs, carpet cleaning, repair and re-installation, and water damage restoration. This expert has also assisted Attorneys through all phases of legal action regarding slip, trip and fall in regards to flooring, carpeting and hard surfaces. Investigations ...


Lack of Maintenance At Ice Skating Rink Leads To Injury ICE RINK Expert Case

Lack of Maintenance At Ice Skating Rink Leads To Injury

…  in Connecticut and involves a man who was injured while ice skating. The man was on the ice while his child was receiving an ice skating lesson. The man’s skate got …

Design Engineer Opines on Hockey Skate Design ICE RINK Expert Case

Design Engineer Opines on Hockey Skate Design

…  design case involves an injury to a seventeen-year-old ice hockey player due to allegedly faulty equipment. The plaintiff was using a …  from the team’s trainer, he was carted off the ice rink on a stretcher and taken to a nearby suburban hospital. There, it was …