Expert Witness: E-004636
This expert has extensive experience in dealing with and managing Chinese manufacturing of all kinds as a global chain strategist and architect. On top of the manufacturing process, she has also dealt with quality control of Chinese manufactured products. She has dealt with several Chinese liability cases.
Expert Witness: E-009724
This expert specializes in the raising and selling of koi fish. She is the owner of a Koi farm in the midwest and has held the title for almost 8 years. She earned her BA in Science Communications from the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay. She has been in the aquatic industry for many years, having served as the President/Owner of Skippers Choice Marine Supply and the VP Marketing and Sales of Lakeside Marina.
Expert Witness: E-352958
This expert is an established specialist on marketing and global supply chain practices within global impact areas, including the fast moving consumer goods and IT industry. He has held a number of executive and senior management roles, including appointments at Proctor & Gamble and TELUS Communications, Inc. He earned his BS in computer science from the University of Windsor, his MBA from Wayne State University, and a PhD in supply chain management from the University ...
Expert Witness: E-076003
This accomplished senior finance executive has more than 30 years of experience within the global pharmaceuticals, healthcare, pharmacy benefits management and manufacturing industries. Most recently, he held the title of Vice President of Finance, Gross Margin Planning and Strategic Pricing with Express Scripts from April 2013 to March 2016. In this role, he managed the finances, strategic planning, business development, competitive intelligence and pricing for over ...


Manufacturing Expert Opines On Polymer Patent Dispute GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN Expert Case

Manufacturing Expert Opines On Polymer Patent Dispute

This case involves a patent infringement dispute between two major beverage can manufacturers. One of the companies, a leading manufacturer of polymeric coatings applied to the inside of beverage cans to protect the beverage from the metal, was accuse …

International Sanctions Expert Opines on State Funding of Militia Group GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN Expert Case

This is a case brought by Canadian citizens, against a number of international banks who supported a Southeast Asian nation that was under united nations sanctions. It is alleged that these banks evaded these economic sanctions, conducted illicit trade-fin …

Defective Fireworks From China Cause Serious Injury GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN Expert Case

Defective Fireworks From China Cause Serious Injury

This case involves a 21-year-old male who suffered severe injuries after being hit by a firework manufactured in China.  The young man was lighting fireworks with his family in a field outside of his home. The man lit the fuse and the firework shot toward …