Expert Witness: E-071429
This expert on Resturant Operations has 34 years of experience in all segments of the hospitality industry. He obtained his BS in Hospitality from Florida International University and held various managerial positions as well as director positions for a Pizza Chains before moving on to more senior positions in the Food and Beverage Industry. He currently works as the Director of Operations at a seafood restaurant company.
Expert Witness: E-157104
This expert earned his Ph.D in Hospitality and Tourism Management at Purdue University. His research interests focus on the areas technology and foodservice; he has successfully published works in Hospitality Review Journal and Journal of Foodservice Business Research. His teaching experience include food and beverage management and hospitality management.
Expert Witness: E-156315
Robert Marcarelli is a well-known and respected chef, manager and restaurant consultant known throughout the Connecticut area. He has over fifteen years of hands-on business experience in restaurants, retail, catering, and the hospitality industry and over 20 years in business management. Robert’s experiences of working in the front and back of the house are what give him the competitive edge in our consulting field. Those skills, and specifically, his passion for ...


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Man Contracts Gastrointestinal Parasite from Unsanitary Restaurant FOOD POISONING Expert Case

This case involves a man who contracted a rare gastrointestinal parasite after dining at a sushi restaurant. The man had been assured by the waiter at his table that all of the fish was safe to consume raw, and that it had been frozen before being served  …