Expert Witness: E-058420
This account manager at a chemical supply company has several years of experience in the sale of chlorine products. For several years, he represented Allied Universal Corporation, the largest chlorine re-packager in the Southeastern United States.


Chemical Experts Settle Dispute Between Water Park And Chlorine Supplier CHLORINE Expert Case

…  case involves a dispute over a chlorine supply contract. The plaintiff was a large indoor waterpark in the northeast that was supplied chlorine by the defendant major chemical manufacturer. It was alleged that the …  imprudently employed a cost-plus contract. An expert in chlorine manufacturing contracts was sought to opine on the …

Factory Sued for Environmental Release of Carcinogens CHLORINE Expert Case

Factory Sued for Environmental Release of Carcinogens

A lodge in West Virginia decided to file suit against a neighboring factory for groundwater contamination after lodge employees began to show signs of organ and nervous system damage. The factory had allegedly been practicing off-site dumping of toxic wast …

Toxicology Experts Opine on Environmental Chemical Contamination CHLORINE Expert Case

This case takes place in Arkansas and involves a class of plaintiffs who claim that they were exposed to a number of hazardous chemicals through pervasive environmental pollution caused by the degradation of industrial waste in public landfills. The waste  …

Man Dies After Drowning in Murky Swimming Pool CHLORINE Expert Case

Man Dies After Drowning in Murky Swimming Pool

This case involves a man who was swimming in the pool of an apartment complex. The man’s girlfriend was present and two other friends were present. The pool’s deep end was 8 feet deep. The drop-off was steep and the pool did not have a float rope. The  …