Expert Witness: E-007929
This station valuation and broadcast station economics expert has been working in the media and entertainment industry for over 40 years. He studied Radio and Television at Ithaca College prior to receiving his M.B.A. with a concentration in Finance from American University. He is a former Founding Partner of DES Associates, where he worked for nearly a decade providing appraisal and acquisition analysis to the broadcasting industry. During this time he concurrently ...
Expert Witness: E-341641
This qualified meteorology expert has over thirty years of experience as a meteorologist and weather forecaster. He earned his BS in meteorology from University of Nebraska and is a certified broadcast meteorologist by the American Meteorological Society. This expert has formerly served the chief meteorologist at WKBT TV in Wisconsin, WAND TV in Illinois, and KCNC TV and KMGH TV in Colorado. He currently is a meteorologist for a Denver-based leading local news channel.
Expert Witness: E-074631
This expert regularly counsels clients on regulatory, transactional and legislative issues affecting the broadcasting, wireless and wireline industries. He is an active member of the Federal Communications Bar Association, for which he has served on the Executive Board since 2013. He also authors a monthly column in Radio Magazine, is editor of a telecom blog, and speaks regularly on panels, including the National Association of Broadcasters, state broadcast ...
Expert Witness: E-045421
This expert rehabilitates canines who have developed undesired behavior patterns, while teaching dog owners to better communicate with their pets. Her rehabilitation program focuses on behavior modification based on body language, verbal and nonverbal cues, and positive reinforcement. Leveraging her communication skills developed through her career in broadcast media, she regularly lectures on canine husbandry, helping owners to avert aggressive behavior.
Expert Witness: E-035523
This expert is an experienced Producer of films, commercials, television specials, 3D and CGI shoots who has worked on at least 100 outdoor programs. An experienced and accomplished Line Producer in commercials, he has been a part of national campaigns for Bridgestone Golf, The U.S. Army, Coca-Cola, the NBA, the PGA, Under Armour, Smith & Wesson, Cartoon Network, Sundance Channel and DirecTV. Most recently, this expert moved further into film production and line ...
Expert Witness: E-006329
This certified public accountant is a Harvard business graduate, as well as lecturer at among the nation's leading business academies. He is extensively published in major financial journals like the New York Post, Wall Street Journal and the Star Ledger, and has made high profile television appearances in CNBC and MSNBC business broadcasts. Finally, he is also listed in the Who's Who in Business and Finance.


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