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Our unique combination of experienced researchers, on-staff medical doctors, and a data-driven recruitment platform gives attorneys access to the world’s top experts in any field.

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National Law Journal - Best of the Midwest - 2018
New York Law Journal - Best Overall - 2018
The Recorder - Best Expert Witness Provider - 2018
Texas Lawyer - #1 National Expert Witness Provider - 2018
Connecticut Law Tribune - #1 Overall Expert Witness Provider - 2018
Legal Times - #1 Expert Witness Provider - 2018
A custom strategy for every expert search.

A custom strategy for every expert search.

The Expert Institute’s team of experienced researchers and medical doctors are full partners throughout the lifetime of your expert witness search.

This begins at the outset of each engagement, where our team takes a deep dive into the details of your case to develop a fully customized strategy for locating the ideal expert.

We tailor our process to your particular needs, honing in on expert candidates who meet your criteria for professional experience, education, location, budget, specialty area, professional affiliations and more.

Rapid search execution, precise results.

Your case is immediately assigned to a team of Expert Institute researchers, who utilize proprietary search tools, driven by thousands of data sources, to pinpoint / identify prospective candidates.

Our expert recruiting platform blends internal databases with external professional networks and screening solutions to deliver better expert matches in less time.

Each candidate is closely examined for their fit within the framework of your case and evaluated for their reliability and professionalism.

Rapid search execution, precise results

Choose the best expert - with conviction.

Once our search is complete, you will be presented with a number of stringently vetted expert candidates, along with their preliminary written feedback based on the facts of your case.

Each expert candidate is shared with a detailed dossier of their professional qualifications and achievements, as well as recommendations from Expert Institute researchers regarding the strongest candidates.

You will also have the opportunity to connect with expert candidates on conference calls to ensure a perfect match when making the decision to retain.

Start working with the world's leading experts.

Access experts with unparalleled credentials and litigation experience

The most efficient way to connect with the world’s leading expert witnesses

Finding the right expert is a defining moment in every case, but with The Expert Institute’s expert search and intelligence platform, your firm will gain access to precisely-targeted expert insights throughout every stage of the litigation process. Whether you need to assemble a national team of experts for mass tort litigation, replace overused experts, or engage consultative experts, we can provide comprehensive expert solutions.

Reduce costs of expert searches

Reduce costs of expert searches

Reduce time and resources spent searching for experts in-house while gaining access to superior candidates.

Receive complimentary phone consultations with experts

Receive complimentary phone consultations with experts

Speak with expert candidates by phone to make the best possible decision when retaining crucial expertise.

Obtain secondary opinions from consulting experts

Obtain secondary opinions from consulting experts

Have conversations with multiple experts in diverse fields to gain a comprehensive technical understanding of your case.

 Screen prospective cases for merit

Screen prospective cases for merit

Discuss potential cases with subject matter experts to identify cases worth pursuing and avoid cases lacking merit.

Build a national team of experts for mass torts

Build a national team of experts for mass torts

Assemble a team of experts across a range of specialty areas and regions to support your firm’s portfolio of mass tort files.

Schedule Independent Medical Evaluations with ease

Schedule Independent Medical Evaluations with ease

Tap into our extensive network of physicians to arrange Independent Medical Evaluations of clients in any part of the country.

In-Depth Expert Witness Analysis Across Every Area of Practice

With our team of experienced researchers and extensive network of expert candidates, The Expert Institute is uniquely equipped to tackle critical searches for experts in any area of practice. In addition, our comprehensive vetting and screening procedures ensure that each expert referral will be pivotal to your case.

Extensive background checks

  • Criminal Records
  • Daubert / Frye Challenges
  • Professional Licenses
  • Board Sanctions and Malpractice Claims
  • Litigation History
  • Deposition Transcripts
  • Corporate Affiliations
  • Publications and Lectures
  • Subject Matter Expertise
  • Attorney References


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