Wax Used During Manicure Causes Injury

This esthetician case involves an infection, which the plaintiff alleged was caused by unsanitary paraffin wax. The plaintiff went to a salon to receive a manicure. During her time there, she received a paraffin wax manicure, where the hand is submerged in wax and the wax is then peeled off. Two weeks after the manicure, she noticed an infection was developing around her fingernails. The plaintiff alleged that the manicurist did not follow proper procedures when preparing the paraffin wax, which caused her infection.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. What are the sanitation procedures for manicurists?

Expert Witness Response E-005597

I will be able to determine whether the salon met their obligations/duty to their customers. I would like to review their procedures to see how they match up with known appropriate standards, specifically with their handling of paraffin wax. I am a certified, practicing cosmetologist and an expert on beauty salon and spa products, processes, procedures, policies, and standards. My expertise and professional experience encompass the full range of cosmetology products, services, and techniques.


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