Video Game Expert Witness Discusses Slip and Fall Accident

This case involves an injury to a female at a video arcade. The female visited a large restaurant/ video arcade after work with her co-workers. At the video arcade, there was an assortment of arcade games. One of the games was a type of “electronic jump rope,” where a light would rotate around the screen, and the participant would have to jump off a sensor at specific intervals. The sensor, however, had not been replaced since the machine had been installed (which was three years prior to the date in question). Because of extensive jumping, the tread on the sensor pad had worn down, creating a smooth surface. On the date in question, the plaintiff attempted to use the machine, but after jumping, she slipped on the sensor pad (which she alleges was due to improper maintenance), sustaining a concussion and breaking her arm. She brought suit against the arcade for improper maintenance.

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