Underwriter Reviews Residential Mortgage Loan Dispute

Reinsurance ExpertThis case involves a nonprime residential mortgage loan dispute regarding liquidated loans that allegedly should have been repurchased. An expert in residential mortgage-backed securities underwriting was sought to opine on whether there was a breach in representations and/or warranties made regarding the mortgage loans in the trust that would have materially and adversely affected the value of the mortgage loans.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Have you worked as an underwriter for nonprime residential mortgage loans? Please explain.

Expert Witness Response E-016161

Throughout my career, I have been responsible for judging the risks and returns of real estate securities transactions. I have held executive positions involving lending, loan underwriting, and pricing. My experience includes responsibility for evaluating and underwriting mortgage-related collateral. I also have experience testifying in residential mortgage-backed securities cases. I have developed both a qualitative and quantitative understanding of the relationships between mortgage-collateral and real estate capital markets. As a result, I have earned the reputation as an industry expert who can translate intricate financial relationships for clients and litigation team members, and help develop elegant litigation strategies.


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