Talc Silicate Allegedly Harms Miners’ Health

Mining Expert WitnessA lawsuit was filed over health issues sustained by mining workers in talc mines following an investigation into the mineral and silicate combinations of typical mines. Allegedly, the health issues arose from the mining of talc that contained asbestos, with numerous workers contracting cancer and respiratory issues after prolonged exposure to the mine. The trial hinged on the relationship between the two substances. An expert in mining was therefore required to explain the probability that talc is naturally mined in conjunction with asbestos, and whether asbestos runs through talc rocks.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Briefly explain your qualifications, experience, and knowledge as it relates to the the mining of talc and asbestos.

Expert Witness Response E-080989

Talc and asbestos are completely different minerals, though both they are Mg-rich silicates. The talc deposit that would be found while mining has different geological forming conditions from asbestos deposit. They do not always co-exist or co-reside in an individual mine. Actually, both of them have many pure mineral deposits separately in the world. However, some of the talc deposits could be contaminated with asbestos due to the original rocks, surrounding geological environments, and time changes along with the geological history. To obtain a pure talc product, the contaminates can be removed via mineral processing.


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