Sustainability Expert Opines On Recycling Fraud Dispute

Sustainability ExpertThis case involves a fraud dispute regarding recyclable containers and container deposit law. A recycling services corporation allegedly violated container deposit law by accepting recyclables purchased in other states and altering the relevant paperwork. An expert in sustainability with specific knowledge of recyclable redemption values was sought to consult and testify on the matter.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Please describe your experience in recycling and sustainability.

Expert Witness Response E-008680

I have worked exclusively on recycling and sustainability issues for over 20 years. As president of a non-profit recycling institute, I have a strong understanding of the container deposit law. I am probably more knowledgeable in this area than anyone else in my state. I have worked on reports focusing on the state agency for disaster response’s anti-fraud activities and recent budget change proposals. I have helped educate and conducted research on a variety of different aspects of this law, as it is my specialty.


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