Slip and Fall on Shopping Mall Fooring Causes Serious Injury

Retail SafetyThis case involves a slip and fall accident in a multi-storied, retail store. The management company for the building was aware that the entranceway had high pedestrian traffic and that the floors became extremely slippery when wet. Aside from a small and narrow runner leading towards the elevators, however, the remainder of the area had no signs, no carpeting, and no mats to prevent pedestrians from slipping. The accident occurred when a young man and his son tried to walk through the lobby of the retail store. They attempted to go around an individual who blocked their path on the carpet, and the young man slipped and fell, which resulted in a significant injury.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1.) Do you have experience managing a large building?
  • 2.) What do you do to ensure that your patrons are safe in the lobby of these high traffic buildings with slippery floors?

Expert Witness Response E-006019

There are a number of preventative actions the management company probably should have taken to avoid the accident. Such measures could include caution cones or other signage, a larger rug, or non-slip runners. There are also janitorial products that are appropriate for use on high-traffic areas on luxury flooring. They are made to reduce the slippery conditions without hiding the historic beauty of the floor. Additionally, an analysis of the dimensions of the entranceway and lobby should reveal what other cautionary measures could have been taken. I have over thirty years of experience as a building manager, and I am very familiar with office protocols in these circumstances.


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