Slip and Fall at Store Causes Knee Injury

This case involves a young man slipping and falling at a grocery store. The plaintiff, a twenty-two-year-old male, was shopping in a large grocery store. He was walking down an aisle and he slipped and fell because of spilled olive oil that was on the floor. After the fall, the plaintiff required knee surgery.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. What are the safety standards at large retailers and grocery stores, and were they followed in this case?

Expert Witness Response E-004539

In slip and fall cases, evidence of a foreign substance on the floor suggests some degree of negligence. I would need to know more exact information about this case including the placement of different products, any signs or warnings, and other factors regarding how items were stored. With more details I would feel confident in providing a more thorough assessment of the accident and its causes. I am a retail safety design expert who has extensive experience with store layout and the safety that comes with each aspect in a retail and grocery store. I have had many director positions with my thirty years of store planning experience

Expert Witness Response E-004614

When injuries occur in a retail establishment, the store’s liability often hinges on whether it knew or should have known of the existence of a dangerous condition, and whether it should have been expected to remedy the situation before the accident occurred. I can help to understand the larger context of industry practices, and help you determine whether, in a given instance, the policies in place at a given establishment were acceptable and followed correctly. I have been an owner/operator and consultant in the retail and supermarket industry for over forty years. I am qualified as an expert in all aspects of retail store operations and safety, with an emphasis on a store-level perspective. With respect to litigation support, I utilize my expertise by closely examining the internal day-to-day operations of a retail store, identifying and evaluating policies and procedures to determine whether they are consistent with the standards of the retail industry at large, if the store implemented the appropriate procedures on the day of a given incident, and factors that play a key role in the question of to whom fault should be attributed.


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