Slip and Fall at Luxury Hotel Causes Significant Injury

luxury hotelThis case involves a slip and fall at a luxury hotel. The plaintiff, a sixty-three-year-old woman, attended a nonprofit charity auction of rare antique artifacts and memorabilia at a large hotel. In order to power the large PA system that the auctioneer spoke through, the hotel laid out large wires which were covered by rugs in most areas (the hotel owned and operated the PA system). In the hallway that led to the restroom, however, there were eight feet of exposed wire that had been taped down. There was no warning or markings to indicate the hazard. As the plaintiff went to the restroom, she tripped and fell. She broke her wrist and fractured her hip, which required extensive surgery to repair.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Should there have been a warning indicating the taped wire?

Expert Witness Response E-006266

Expert-ID: E-006266

In most cases, there is some warning indicating any abnormal change in surface. The specifics in this case, would need to be analyzed to flesh out the case. Specifically, if any other areas were exposed, how thick the wire was, the exact placement of the wire, how well the wire had been taped to the ground, and a prior history of incidents all would all factor into the culpability of the hotel. In this case, however, given the lack of any indication of the taped wire, the hotel appears to have been negligent in their responsibilities.


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