Ski Jacket Catches on Fire and Injures Skier

Ski jacket catches on fireThis extreme sports case involves an accident that occurred to a skier. The plaintiff was skiing at a resort on New Year’s Eve. In order to commemorate the holiday, the ski lodge had set up a tiki lounge at the bottom of the slope. As the plaintiff reached the end of his descent, he went past a tiki torch. Skiing too close to the flame, the plaintiff’s jacket caught on fire, which severely burned him.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Should the ski jacket have caught on fire?

Expert Witness Response E-001125

I have extensive experience in textile flammability. Just recently, I finished a chapter that speaks to the flaming mechanism in a book on textile flammability. I would need to see and examine the jacket to determine the reason behind the jacket’s flammability in order to give a thorough appraisal of the matter.


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