Rock Climber Suffers Serious Injury Due to Rope Breaking

This mountaineering case involves damage to a rock climber due to an allegedly defective rope. The plaintiff was rock climbing in a national park. While hanging over a ledge, the rope broke, and the climber fell over twenty feet, sustaining major bodily damage. The plaintiff alleged that the rope was defective.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Was the rope defective?

Expert Witness Response E-004595

This is definitely a case within my area of expertise. I would examine the type of rope, how long it has been used, the history of the manufacturer, the process used to make the rope, and materials found in the rope. I have been involved in the synthetic fiber business for many years. I have had extensive exposure to manufacturing, research, marketing and management of nylon, polyester and aramid product lines. My major concentration has been in the rope and cable markets, serving as a consultant. Currently, I am actively engaged as a product-process inspector in the production of a synthetic fiber (polyester) deep water mooring system. I am also very familiar with the standard for this type of synthetic rope.


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