Range Safety Officer Fatally Shot During Instructional Lesson

Ballistics ExpertThis case involves a female range safety officer who was struck when an allegedly defective gun went off early during an instructional lesson. The lesson had 17 novice shooters in attendance. While the range officer was working with one of the shooters, she was struck in the back and the bullet lodged in her lung. She later died from her injuries. At the time the range officer was hit, several of the shooters were firing. An expert in ballistics was sought to determine what direction the bullet that struck the range officer came from based on imaging and autopsy reports.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Please describe your background in ballistics.
  • 2. How will you determine the path of the bullet through the body? Please explain.

Expert Witness Response E-135705

I have worked on, and presently consult on living patient gunshot wound cases based only on medical records/imaging. I will easily be able to determine the path of the bullet through the body based on surgical reports and imaging reports. I reviewed one case regarding a police-involved shooting where the surviving subject said he was shot and the police placed the survivor in an alternate position. I determined the path of the bullet only using medical records & x-rays. I also reviewed a case where the survivor placed the shooter in a different position than the defense did. Using medical records and imaging, I placed parties in position, explained scene events, and created an exhibit to demonstrate to the panel.


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