Property Dispute Emerges from Toxic Tort

Environmental Expert WitnessThis is a mortgage securitization case in North Carolina involving a town’s use of private property to dump waste and polluted materials. Following the dispute, there was confusion over who owned the mortgage note of the property, and whether or not it had been sold to an unknown trust or entity. In attempting to trace the sale of the note, it was determined that it could be in multiple places both on and off the secondary market, with the only known fact being the lender’s sale of the originated mortgage to a capital holdings company back in the early 2000’s. An expert in mortgage and sales assessment was required for the case to trace the ownership of the note and determine its current owner. 

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Have you ever published or lectured on mortgages, or have any familiarity with the subject matter?

Expert Witness Response E-040236

I have a lot of familiarity with mortgage securitization as I have done a significant amount of academic research on the subject matter. I have published four papers in top academic outlets pertaining to the effects of mortgage securitization on the mortgage market and consumer finances. I have presented my work across the globe, and would need to read through the securitization contracts for a full assessment. 


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