Premature Birth Causes Inquiry Into Marijuana’s Prenatal Effects

newborn babyThis case involves a woman who gave birth to a premature baby. The plaintiff was a twenty-eight-year-old, pregnant female, who was previously on Yasmin before deciding to become pregnant. She lived near a nuclear power facility. She gave birth, but her child was five weeks premature. She brought suit against the nuclear power company for her child’s premature birth, but the energy company tried to introduce evidence that the premature birth was caused by the plaintiff’s marijuana and hemp use. Plaintiff sought an expert in nuclear energy safety for this issue.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Does the use of marijuana cause pre-term delivery?

Expert Witness Response E-005878

There is no evidence that marijuana use will cause pre-term birth. I have done extensive research on this subject and am well known for my publications on the subject. I have over forty years of experience as a nurse, professor, and researcher. I have published numerous papers on marijuana usage during pregnancy and the newborn outcomes of prenatal marijuana exposure. Additionally, I have received numerous recognitions and awards for my research in drug usage and its effects on birth.


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