Pharmacy Chain Allegedly Fills Hundred Of Unapproved Prescriptions

Statistics ExpertThis case involves a pharmacy chain that allegedly filled prescriptions for drugs that were not approved for patients’ specific diagnoses. The pharmacy chain also allegedly requested reimbursals for those drugs through the department of health care services. An expert in statistical sampling and experience working on False Claims Act cases was sought to advise on the matter.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Please explain why you are qualified to opine on this matter.

Expert Witness Response E-168966

I have designed statistical sampling strategies for title insurance review cases with numerous state insurance departments and cases on behalf of the Federal National Mortgage Association. The sampling strategy for this FCA case would involve two components. First, I would establish a test for typicality. Second, I would establish a methodology for determining the margin of error for the incidence rate of misfilings.


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