Patient Develops Bacterial Infection From Untreated Bedsore

Bedsore Expert

This case involves an elderly female patient who was admitted to the hospital after losing consciousness. She was diagnosed with pneumonia, taken to the ICU, and intubated. For the remainder of her time at the hospital, she was given breathing assistance through a ventilator as well as antibiotics and intravenous fluids. The patient was then transferred to a different facility for a pulmonary procedure where they found she had an advanced bedsore on her lower back larger than the size of an orange. The patient’s condition eventually progressed to cellulitis.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. What kind of measures should be taken to prevent pressures ulcers?

Expert Witness Response E-043650

Expert-ID: E-043650

I am a board-certified family physician and a wound care fellowship-trained clinician. I am currently an assistant professor of clinical surgery and family medicine in the section of wound healing and tissue repair. In my role, I treat a wide range of skin-related disorders and train students, residents, and fellows. In addition, my responsibilities, include lecturing and providing educational sessions for the residents and nurses on this particular subject. My professional activities also include participation at the local and national conferences, where I lecture on topics related to skin issues due to pressure, lymphedema, chronic venous insufficiency, diabetes, arterial insufficiency, and many others. Pressure ulcer prevention depends on various factors, including frequent re-positioning, proper offloading, maintenance of urine and stool, prevention of shearing, nutritional support, adequate hydration, etc.


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