Oscar-Nominated Film’s Soundtrack Causes Infringement Inquiry

Copyright Expert WitnessThis case takes place in New York and involves the soundtrack to an Oscar-nominated film. The plaintiff in this case worked in film production as a composer. In his free time, the plaintiff also produced music for an independent music label, which made tracks from its artists available for free on the internet. The defendant in this case was a colleague of the plaintiff while both were involved with the production of the soundtrack and background music for a major motion picture. During one scene, the background music was, according to the plaintiff, a song from the plaintiff’s latest album, which the defendant had used without his express permission. An expert in audio forensics/audio engineering was sought to opine on the issue.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • What experience do you have with anti-piracy technology and audio processing?

Expert Witness Response E-005499

I have contributed to the technical and creative production of over 125 motion picture soundtracks. I have current knowledge of anti-piracy technology from supervising the sound on dozens of motion pictures. I also have a knowledge of anti-piracy strategy (including case work I did during my MBA at a large university).

Expert Witness Response E-005500

As an audio engineer and instructor who is knowledgeable in not only practical but also theoretical aspects of audio processing, I am very interested in working in an infringement case. My areas of interest include digital audio theory, acoustic fingerprints, content-based music/program identification and anti-piracy technology. Therefore, I feel qualified to review the case.


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