Online Advertising Expert Opines on Content Copyright Infringement Case

Digital Marketing Expert WitnessThis case involves a prominent blog that was sued for alleged copyright infringement. The blog was an aggregator of video content created by disparate content creators, however the site did not purchase the usage rights for the videos in question. Nevertheless, the site claimed that they had the rights to all of their content, despite the fact that they did not formally purchase the rights to their content. Additionally, the blog was monetizing its content through the use of advertising across all of the site’s content, including the videos themselves.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Have you ever encountered a similar issue in your career or as a consultant? If so, please describe.

Expert Witness Response E-126343

Recently, I presented at SxSW in Austin, TX on viral social media monetization specifically and I discussed what I refer to as the “post-to-profit” pipeline in the context of a number of noted and notable viral social media headlines. I regularly advise individuals and companies about the intellectual property aspects of their business pursuits, including registration, online expression (including via social media and other online “community” platforms), protection, monetization, and fair use. I have been published on this topic extensively.


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