OBGYN Inadvertently Ligated Uterine Ligaments Instead of the Fallopian Tubes During a Tubal Ligation

unwanted pregnancyThis case involves a woman with three children who underwent tubal ligation after using Yasmin contraceptive and an IUD a few year prior. Sometime thereafter, the patient was found to be pregnant. It was later disclosed that the ligaments were transected instead of the fallopian tubes. Her prenatal course was complicated by severe pain which was controlled medically. The patient then proceeded with another attempt for tubal ligation with a new OBGYN. She discovered that the previous physician ligated the uterine ligaments instead of the fallopian tubes, which resulted in an unwanted pregnancy in addition to severe uterine pain.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Was the cause of the unwanted pregnancy due to inappropriate ligament ligation?

Expert Witness Response

This is a common mistake by new OBGYN physicians. It is sometimes difficult to differentiate from the uterine ligaments from fallopian tubes. Often times, the patient will not seek appropriate birth control options thereafter and later become pregnant. These physicians often need additional training to avoid future incidences in the operating room.


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