Nursing Home Patient Falls and Sustains Severe Brain Bleed

This case involves a geriatric nursing home patient. She fell in an isolated area of the facility while attempting to grab her spare box of dentures adhesives and was not noticed for several hours. The patient experienced significant head injuries including an acute subdural hematoma. The patient was taken into emergency surgery and physicians successfully operated on the acute portion of the hematoma. While recovering in the ICU, the patient contracted a severe respiratory infection that could not be controlled with antibiotics. The patient developed sepsis along with multi-system organ failure and died several weeks later.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • How familiar are you with clinical situations like this?

Expert Witness Response E-005540

I am a certified registered nurse with additional certification in the field of geriatrics and I have attained numerous high-ranking directorships at several geriatric residences. I am intimately familiar with fall risk protocol. I have been in the field of geriatric nursing for more than a decade and currently work in that capacity.


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