Newspaper Loses Publication License For Compliance Violation

Journalism ExpertThis case involves a newspaper whose publication license was terminated for its alleged failure to comply with contractual standards of professionalism and quality. A journalism expert with senior editorial experience at a well-known newspaper or magazine was sought to review the newspaper’s content in the 2 years prior to its license termination and determine whether or not the publication met professional standards.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Please describe your background in journalism as it relates to this matter.

Expert Witness Response E-037560

Expert-ID: E-037560

I am an expert in journalism, advertising, and media. Currently, I work as a tenured professor of journalism at a major Midwest university and have held previous academic appointments at various other research universities across the country. I have written for Time magazine and authored authoritative texts on media ethics specific to both the American and Canadian environments. My research has been funded by major media corporations and various government agencies, including the Federal Communications Commission.


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