New Cooking Pot Seriously Burns Plaintiff

This case involves a woman who burnt herself while cooking with a new pot for the first time. The plaintiff used a carbon/steel composite cooking pot as soon as she removed it from the box. She placed it on her stove on a low setting and put oil for cooking in the pot. The plaintiff turned away momentarily and did not see the pot ignite. In her efforts to put out the fire, the plaintiff was burned from the pot and the oil that bubbled out.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Do you have experience with the testing of cookware?
  • 2. Have you seen this type of issue before?
  • 3. What tests would you do?
  • 4. What are your initial thoughts?

Expert Witness Response E-000261

I am a licensed professional engineer with more than 40 years of industry experience. I am experienced in consumer safety analysis for mechanical devices, steel design, equipment, and moving parts. Specifically, I focus on industrial accident reconstruction, failure analysis, cause and origin analysis, and structural analysis. With the damaged pot preserved for inspection, these tests could be used to discover the reasons for the fire and subsequent burns.


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