Multimedia Technology Expert Reviews Software Patent Dispute

Technology ExpertThis is a patent infringement case brought by a software engineering and design firm against a young competitor in the space. The patents in question cover real-time video software systems for consumers. It was alleged that the young competitor company launched a product that infringed on one or more of the plaintiff’s software patents. An industry expert in software engineering and multimedia systems was sought to discuss the validity of the plaintiff’s infringement arguments.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Please explain your experience with video technology and real-time video systems for consumers.

Expert Witness Response E-169869

I am a well-recognized expert in the general multimedia area. I chair the steering committee of a professional technical association’s transactions on multimedia — the most renowned academic publication in the multimedia/streaming area.

Expert Bio:

This accomplished expert is a professor of electrical and computer engineering at a respected university in the Southwest. This expert received his master’s and doctoral degrees in electrical and systems engineering from an Ivy Leauge university. He has worked as a scientist with an international research center for information technology and taught at a technical university abroad. He has published over 140 journal articles and over 60 conference papers in the areas of software-defined networking, multimedia networking over wired and wireless networks, video traffic characterization, optical networking, and engineering education.


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