Meteorologist Analyzes Weather Conditions During Highway Accident

Meteorology Expert

This case involves a multi-car accident that took place on a major interstate highway.  The incident occurred after a large snowstorm caused multiple cars to spin off the highway and crash. One of the passengers involved was killed and many were seriously injured. It was alleged that the poor weather conditions contributed to this accident. An expert meteorologist was sought to provide an analysis of the weather in the hours before the accident and during the time of the accident in order to better understand the cause.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Please describe your qualifications as a meteorologist.

Expert Witness Response E-074950

I have been running a meteorological consulting firm for 36+ years. I currently employ 15 meteorologists across the country and provide detailed research for radio stations, highway authorities, airports, and print media. I have also served as the chief meteorologist for a TV network for 31+ years. I’ve consulted and researched 1,000+ weather incidents for accidents, insurance claims, and all levels of court cases, dating back to 1985. I have provided expert testimony in county and state supreme court, state court of claims, and grand jury trials regarding weather criteria, and events 100+ times over the past 30 years. I could certainly take a look at the circumstances surrounding this incident.


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